GazModel - Casting and Mechanical Factory

The company Tula Casting and Mechanical Plant - GAZMODEL is specializing on the foundry of various products and equipment manufactured using unique technologies. Thanks to innovative methods and vast experience of our specialists, we managed to achieve a significant reduction in the cost of producing castings without compromising the quality of the finished products.

We create:

Adaptive design / Front-end / Back-end / CMS Integration



The Process

Representatives of the leading Tula Foundry-mehcanical plant "GAZMODEL" contacted us for assistance in brand and website development.

After agreeing on the final prototype and details of the project, we proceeded to the main stage of the work - website design. We have determined the type of the future website based on its target audience, and afterwards we prepared a layout for the client and developed a design.


Any heavy production implies gray and dark shades to the colour scheme, but we decided to add some colours to make the brand of our client recognisable in order to stand out among the competitors. We decided to choose a bright pallet with strict black elements to maintain the corporate style of the company.

Final variant

We wanted to make a unique and catchy logo that could be easily applied to the worker's overalls uniforms and at the same time displayed on a simple pen.


The bright concept of the brand has defined the colour palette for the future site, we have chosen defiant red and strict black. The font was chosen based on the final prototype site.


The site came out to be bright as we planned to set it apart from the gray mass. In order to make it serious, we filled the site with photos and video of the casting production to employ the immersion effect to the actual work of the plant. As a result, all co-founders of GAZMODEL were happy with the final result.
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Mobile Version

For the mobile version of the website, we put all the necessary information about the company for all types of users, whether it is a media representative or a big group of investors.