Locad - Advertising & Marketing Agency

A creative media agency that helps any business to become more profitable. Locad uses unique advertising platforms designed to maximize efficiency and productivity for each customer.

The main platform of this business includes advertising in supermarkets across the New York region, which currently covers at more than 6.5 million views per month.

We create:

Adaptive design / Front-end / Back-end / CMS Integration



The Process

Before the project was launched, we held a meeting with the representative of Locad. During the first conference, we gathered the main ideas behind the brand. To determine the target audience of users, our team conducted an analysis of the customer's marketing channel. As a result we identified the target audience of the client's business and composed the big picture of this project.

We headed to the next phase - stylistics development for the future site. After development of the first concept, we held another conference with the client after which the final style of the project was confirmed.


At the beginning of the work on the logo, our team of graphic designers take special care to the process of sketching. Qualitative drawing is the base of ideal brand.

The starting point of Locad logo was the standard "pin" - geolocation icon. Based on the geometry of this sign and the company's philosophy of the customer, we conducted an associative parallel to the shape of the eye, which later on was translated into a graphical sign with three guides lines and a central point that attracted all attention, just as the product of Locad company.

Final variant

The chosen version of the logo suits our branding style and customer's wishes perfectly.


The client asked us to represent the site by the nature of his business - bright, energetic, changeable, but at the same time rigorous and professional. We thought that orange would do the best. Fonts were selected based on our final design.


Based on the final work of our team as well as the created brand image, we embodied all the customer's desires by creating a vibrant website that impressed all our client's active customers.
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Mobile Version

Taking into account the uniqueness of the client's business and the environment of the target audience, we have developed an efficient structure for the mobile platform - fast loading speed with maximum information at minimal action.