RentPro - Car dealer’s website

The main mission of this platform is to sell cars for various businesses. The uniqueness of this platform is that the client is given access to a huge database of cars to choose from.

We create:

Adaptive design / Front-end / Back-end / CMS Integration


2016 - 2017

The Process

The client owns a large fleet of vehicles and works in the field of b2b. All this time he has worked with clients formed for a long time of his work in the market, but after the crisis the situation changed. There was a need for new sales channels and a completely different level of marketing.

After analysing the market and the competitive environment, our team has formed a clear goal - to make this website catchy and colorful, as well as fully responsive and convenient to use on all devices


Chosen style of the fonts suits the best our design. We have chosen a combination of bright and dark tones to create a colourful and at the same time strict style of the website.


Taking into account all wishes of the client, as well as the chosen site stylistics and the results of the analysis of the market and the competitive environment, we created an impressive site. Our client was beyond satisfied.

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