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Ecommerce website


Artisparts is a retail and wholesale auto parts company. The client set a specific goal - implementing the website functionality to search and auto-buy new spare parts from a third-party catalog with more than 5 million spare parts.

Visual Identity

When it came to a logo marque we echoed the sharp lines and angles of the cutting blade.

We carried out in-depth research and analysis of the previous website's sales and conducted user testing with a range of audiences. The data was used to inform and reposition Shavers' homepage as a destination.


The client's website design was based on the company's existing brand style dominated by dark gray. The client was given the opportunity to choose among 3 different home page design concepts.


For the convenience of users, we have developed a mobile version of the home page, which is totally different from the desktop version in terms of structure. This solution enables users to quickly find the product they are looking for.