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Natural Cosmetics


EMVY – The cosmetic laboratory combines modern production technology, unique patented developments in cosmetology, a deep philosophy of naturalness, and care for natural beauty. The main elements of the company's beliefs we have expressed in the design and stylistics of the brand - minimalism, and naturalness.

Visual Identity

When it came to a logo marque we echoed the sharp lines and angles of the cutting blade.

We carried out in-depth research and analysis of the previous website's sales and conducted user testing with a range of audiences. The data was used to inform and reposition Shavers' homepage as a destination.


One of the important elements in creating an online store is the development of UI/UX. Based on statistics and patterns of customers behavior, as well as our experience - we took into account many factors to increase and stabilize the conversion for the client’s website.


We have implemented the methodology mobile-first - based on the original concept we tried to adhere to simplicity in navigation and minimalism in design. The ability to find the right product and make a purchase in the shortest time possible is key.