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Magadan Region Development Corporation. Our team was aimed to build an informative and valuable website to convey the most critical metrics for the investors. The primary purpose of the website is to convey information about the region its advantages and attract investments for ongoing and new projects.

  • Services

    Website, Branding, Graphic design, Video production

  • Date

    January 2021

  • Website

Visual Identity

The colors of the emblem overlap with the colors of the coat of arms of the Magadan region. Deep and rich blue is the color of technology, innovation, purity, fairness, scarlet is the color of energy and development.


When creating the website design, it was important to make it both recognizable and associated with the Magadan region. The color scheme was chosen based on the colors of the coat of arms of the Magadan region, and a panoramic image of Magadan completed the composition. The selected font emphasized the style and modernity of the website.


Every time we develop a design, we try to make the mobile version as convenient and handy as possible. The Magadan region website assumed all our best practices on the mobile version.