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Flat rent service


RentPillow is a convenient accommodation search service for all purposes: short-term rental of apartments, booking a room in hostel or hotel. Representatives of the company addressed to us for the creation of a convenient and beautiful design of the website, as well as the logo and RentPillow style of the website. The project developed a unique, simple and functional website. In addition to stylish and modern design, we developed a self-described content management system, which allowed to fully implement all the functionality conceived by the client.

  • Services

    Website, High load system, Back end development, Branding, Graphic design

  • Date

    March 2020

  • Website

Visual Identity

In the basis of the corporate style we chose three colors: grey, orange and pink. The company’s bright logo and contrasting naming RentPillow is the perfect combination of graphic design elements for the company.


During the implementation of the project, we have made a convenient and multifunctional website, which allows each visitor to quickly find information about the apartment: housing parameters, photos of rooms, address, assessment etc.


A convenient version of the website for mobile devices is thought up to the smallest detail. We have made every effort to ensure that the user receives the necessary information as soon as possible.